Om BOBY og Norsk Planmøte

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About BOBY


Norsk BOBY (the Norwegian Housing and City Planning Association) is a nationwide association of planners, politicians, developers, home builders, residents and others with an interest in community planning. The association works within housing and planning and has currently approx. 750 members. Membership is available for individuals, organizations, businesses, local municipalities and students.

The association is made up of a National Board and ten regional branches, and the theme branch HABITAT Norway. The National Board includes representatives from each branch, as well as a central working committee. The National Board participates as National Chapter within IFHP.

BOBY strives for enhanced quality in and appreciation for community planning. The association aims to generate awareness related to the challenges, goals, methods and results of community planning, regardless of political ideas or vocational boundaries. We encourage professional discussion and debate related to all areas and sectors of community planning, from housing and the built environment, transportation, planning law, economic development, to regional development and sustainable cities. BOBY strives to contribute to the shaping and forming of planning policy and practice and to be a source of inspiration for Norwegian community planning.