Housing for all

Housing is a basic need and a human right. Norway needs new housing policies and practices to provide affordable housing for all.  Commodification of housing must stop to be replaced by effective welfare policies.  

As an input to the Government’s new housing whitepaper (2024) Habitat Norway with partners have invited leading international experts to present innovative thinking and approaches. Key note speakers on housing rights (Standal, Boligstiftelsen), Nordic experiences (Sørvoll, NOVA) and global trends Frediani (HIC/IIED) will be supplemented by presenters on Vienna (Temel), Barcelona (Arrondo), Paris (Plaa), London (Murray) and Toronto (Redman). 

Subsequently, based on this input local youth politicians from major political parties will ahead of September’s local and regional elections discuss Norway’s and Trondheim’s housing challenges. 

Register: www.habitat-norge.org. Free admission. 
Moderator: Ellen de Vibe, former Chief, Urban Planning, Oslo
Venue: Bøker og bylab, Prof. Brochsgt. 2. Trondheim
Date: 24. August
Time: 4-7 pm
Format: Hybrid